Sunday, December 15, 2013

Just Breathe

Whenever I find myself stressing over life I remember that in the distant future, the situation that stressed me out will soon be irrelevant. So I just breathe slowly. In and out, in and out while I slip into my meditation trance. And even after that, if I still feel anxious, I write. 

                                                                     By: Maya  
  The ease of the ocean collects in the pit of my soul, allowing me to flow on top of the waves. 
I hear the distant cries in the city but the anxiety cannot register in my heart. 
I continue to ride the waves, they carry me out far. Far enough to where the sky takes on every color of the rainbow...all mushed into one like melting Fruity Pebbles. 
I smile gently, the crinkles of my face encourages the ocean shells to snicker. 
Carry on Earth.
Continue your strong heart beat...pulsating in my finger tips.
Slowly, I ease my gaze to locks of hair flowing near my feet.
Like a graceful jellyfish creating miniature ripples in the ocean bed, 
A mermaid caresses my palm. 
The strands of magnetic hope is attracted to me, I mirror the mermaids inviting gaze. 
With no words, we communicate. 
All at once, I understand what life is about. 
As I ride my wave home, I murmur the secret into the grains of sand.
"Live with ease"

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