Saturday, July 5, 2014



I was a ghost.
I was a ghost and you did not even care.
I expelled no life, I was cold in every way...
Yes. I was a ghost today.

Today, I said nothing.
Nothing was worth to say.
My flowing pulse pushed me into a realm of death.
The hole was too deep, my fingertips transformed
to an icy blue.

I faded steadily,
I still wanted you to care.
Each memory I sketched into the walls.
You made your peace, it was your proudest dare.

My presence was replaced with an empty black hole.
Devouring all in it's path,
so you would not have to pay your toll.

Today, you cast a relieving grin.
I was disposable.
Tossed back like your polluted gin.

Calling for you, my arms are extended into an eternal pain.
The seasons change, life takes it's turn.
But death has taken over me.
I am transformed, submitted into being slain.

You no longer need me.
Thou, I will always need you.
A mirror separates us from our two different worlds.
We could not be further apart, yet this close to the truth.

Slowly, sadly you gave a remembering toast.
For today was the day I became a ghost.

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