Saturday, July 5, 2014



I was a ghost.
I was a ghost and you did not even care.
I expelled no life, I was cold in every way...
Yes. I was a ghost today.

Today, I said nothing.
Nothing was worth to say.
My flowing pulse pushed me into a realm of death.
The hole was too deep, my fingertips transformed
to an icy blue.

I faded steadily,
I still wanted you to care.
Each memory I sketched into the walls.
You made your peace, it was your proudest dare.

My presence was replaced with an empty black hole.
Devouring all in it's path,
so you would not have to pay your toll.

Today, you cast a relieving grin.
I was disposable.
Tossed back like your polluted gin.

Calling for you, my arms are extended into an eternal pain.
The seasons change, life takes it's turn.
But death has taken over me.
I am transformed, submitted into being slain.

You no longer need me.
Thou, I will always need you.
A mirror separates us from our two different worlds.
We could not be further apart, yet this close to the truth.

Slowly, sadly you gave a remembering toast.
For today was the day I became a ghost.

Monday, June 30, 2014

NYC & Me: The Introduction

NYC & Me is a little series I will be doing while I am visiting for the summer of 2014.
        This is the first video, The Introduction. I hope you enjoy!

Friday, May 30, 2014

Quiet Journey

Quiet Journey

It is a quiet journey from restriction to isolated freedom.
Burning coals rotate in me as I see dreams escape into reality.
Where has all of time gone?
Investments are fulfilled into emptiness
thou there are no tear drops to spare.
Slowly, I stare into space. Nothing surrounds me into utter darkness.
I am blind to see the reasonings behind important decisions.
Blind to see me.

Tear the soles of my feet away from the Earth and carry me to a distant world.
Too quickly to come and go.
Time is an elusive brother that craves mischief.
We have fallen for it's trap.
Bellies are full of empty promises and complete heartaches.
Everyday, we are meeting strangers.

My stranger knows me and all of my imperfect beauty.
My stranger has circled around me like a vulture scoping the dead and decayed.
We are forced to meet
eyes, lips, hands.
One and complete, circle to unwind.
Without regulations and boundaries to rule us,
we become completely free from invading chains and suffocating ropes.
It is a quiet journey everyone has to endure.
Haunted by whispers of the past and nightmares.
Travel safe and well.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Fate Stone

Fate Stone

Our web of lies tie me down
Removing my air, causing me to frown.
With each tangle I lose myself more
My heart cannot take the stress, my whole body is sore.

Your whispering nothings are nothing new.
Still I believe them, I have been captured in the ties of the love flu.
Deep in my heart there is darkness for you.
Each breathe, each beat, I realize the darkness is true.

When we are together, I am blinded to only see one.
My heart is tied down, never to reach the purity of the sun.
I am lost at sea for a reason,
Binding me into an eternal pain for treason.
I do not belong here to follow in your reign,
Yet I am at a standstill in the warning headlights of your moving train.

You are bound to bring me your love
I seek into your empty treasure trove.
You desire for me causes me to fall
And every time I do, my heart meets a wall.

I am no longer a helpless child.
My desires have been tamed,
removed from your wild.

I'm standing with you, bloodshot eyes and screaming.
Only the ignorance of your will keeps you from seeing.
You will be my death, my sorrow.
Why do I stay hanging for another tomorrow?
My dreams and ideas are alone.
Your desire for me is the only thing you will write in your fate stone.

Cast the stone away, never to be seen again.
The only title our relationship needs is good friend.
I hurt you, I set you on fire.
But not saying my truth will make me a liar.