Thursday, February 20, 2014

Magic Carpet Ride

                                                                       Magic Carpet Ride 
                                                                               By: Maya

Who knew a light in the mist of night could illuminate the world?
You are my private Sun. 
The spaces between is you. 
I love you carry me like a magic carpet into our own "Whole New World".
Who knew connection could come as easily as our laughter. 
It has only been a moment of relief but you ease the grief with your long strides. 
The pattern of my heart wanders and hides within your presence. 
Where have you been?
In the years of life questioning and un-inspiration 
I find liberation between the freckles and your foreign words. 
Your honesty washes away the pain and torture within my heart lies. 
I memorize the crevices within your smile because I know 
the gravity of your beauty will someday fall. 
But until it does, I will wait awhile. 

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