Thursday, January 23, 2014

Risk Taker

                                                                             Risk Taker
                                                                              By: Maya

In the moment, I contemplate to jump.
The details on my landing haunt me.
Will anyone see?
The chaos from the snickers grow as I attempt to fly.
My legs contract in action.
This is it, there will be no turning back once I take this chance.
The fear of pain is all too real for the feet that refuse to settle on Earth.
Will I make a unsettling face?
Or maybe I will not point my toes correctly, permanently deceiving the image of me others embody.
The hills of acceptance and winds of forgiveness conspire to take unknown chances.
I slowly unfold doubt.
I will take a risk.
To be held down with contemptness and irrationalities is inexcusable.
I take a deep breathe.
I jump.
The spirits of the sky surround me and carry me to the clouds.
They have been waiting for so long.

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