Friday, January 10, 2014

What Do You See?

                                                                     What Do You See?
                                                                              By: Maya

What do you see when you look over the lake into the sun?
Do the gears in your mind continuously grind or drift in the realm of wonder?
I gaze at the symmetrical beauty that is you.
I am aware of little movements as well as broad gestures.
What is it you see in me?
A goddess that rules the land of your heart,
or maybe a pleasant outcome from a series of random actions?
The tone of whispers connect us in a wave of uneasy.
When your eyes meet mine, I can see the questioning colors beg for truth.
As we walk our path as one, our questions are bound to be overcome.
Your reflection mirrors the hope that circulates within my soul.
I wonder if it is the same for you.
Can you see our conversations for the present and future,
growing old while our love is renewed?
I wish to ride my bike into the meadows of your dreams and chase away the nightmares.
Though we are two, our one connection can withstand the toughest of winds and the greatest of fires.
With each struggle we shall be lifted up higher and gain more purity.
To me, you are the everything I see. You are mine, we are one.
What do you see when I show my heart?
An opportunity? Destiny?
Am I one in a million to your unique eye?
When I watch you move, my sensible heart begins to wonder.
Wonder what you see when you look at me.

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