Friday, April 18, 2014


The disconnect is in effect.
No more sadness, anger, or fear.
The disconnect is here and it has crept on us so silently, 
we don’t have enough time to shed a tear.

Today we move and wander without ever greeting.
We float amongst the chaos together yet, 
we are never meeting. 

We are in a glaze, running in a fire maze of lost and greed. 
The disconnect is here and with every push and pull,
we ourselves are planting the seeds.

What we crave is love and attention but we are unwilling to give.
All are so plugged in, how can we
ever expect to truly live?

Be numb.
Be tense.
Be restless for all the wrong things.
Live for no one other than you…
no matter how much it might sting. 

Plug in your thoughts. Download your mind. 
Scan, wire, load. 
Undo your humanity. 
Set your being
to the disconnected mode.

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