Saturday, April 19, 2014

Love Lost

Love Lost

Love is the magic that all humans crave thou our bodies explode with it.
Love is an unhinged rollar coaster that no one wants to get off of.
The way it can make one feel is addictive.
Love has inspired paintings, dances, songs, movies, and poetry.
We all want love so desperately, so why is it so difficult to find?
Once it is discovered, why is it that much harder to keep?

I see you and your holes of empty, like you I too have space in my past.
I cautiously stalk your intentions from a distance.
Remembrance is my greatest tragedy.
You sing my name with a hauntingly beautiful desperation.
With you, I feel safe and wanted.
You give me shelter.
Like a sack of rocks, I fall into you with a loud thud.
I am heavy.
Too heavy for your strength.
Anxiety floats in your eyes, panic quickens in your fingertips.
I expect too much.
My words are puzzles and my actions are mysteries.
I am too heavy.
You are lightning. In a flash you disappear into the dark, starry night.
My heart is congested with confusion.
My holes grow larger.
Love's majestic effects carry no comparison to the decay of love lost.

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