Sunday, December 15, 2013

College Dreams


I am beginning a new chapter in my life called College. As many of you may know, this can be a pretty stressful period in a young human being's life. But fear not my darlings...I have the advice that will make the college process bearable.
Follow your instincts. Yes, that is it. Just go with whatever feels right to you. You should not compare your college journey (or any part of your life for that matter) to someone else's. We are all beautiful individuals that blossom at different stages. So competing with your peers will not be beneficial, instead it will add an overwhelming sense of anxiety to an already tense situation. Trust me...
Now is the time I answer the questions that you are obviously itching to ask.
 "What college will you be attending Maya?" "What will be your major?"  "What do you want to do?"
Well, I want to be an actress when I grow up. My top choice is an performing arts school in California called CalArts. I have to fly to the college in February to audition for the theater major...I am so excited! The level of excite is at its' maximum!
So as someone who is doing it herself, I say, believe in yourself and follow your dreams. Nothing you desire is stupid, no matter how impossible it may seem. Try not to second guess your primary instincts.
You are here for a reason...and deep down,
only you know what that reason is and what you have to do to get there.

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