Saturday, December 14, 2013

Dose of Love

My name is Maya and this is my online space where I can share my interests and matter how crazy they are. This blog is to help me sort out the madness that excretes from my head.
So what is it that I want in my life? In the future, I hope to be free. Free enough to live not according to societies' rules and restrictions. I figure that if my life was like this, I will have no regrets in my last days on Earth; then I will truly know bliss.
I hope that if only for a moment, I can provide you with some bliss of your own. Because you are very special and you are worthy.
         By Maya 

Do not make yourself smaller for the sake of giants. 
Do not diminish your strength for the ego of the tough. 
Do not minimize your life for the comfort of immortals. 
Because if you do so, your future will not leap in favors. Instead it will be cut down right from it's prime like an unwanted weed. 
The ability of the ox is strong, enough so to up stand any obstacle. 
Long an deep so every inhale uplifts your being to the heavens.
For grace and flotation will not discourage the weaker.
Lift the unworthy man from his knees to grace your illuminating heart.
Fear of oneself is for the cowardly, be bold you.
Embrace the gifts God has so delicately wrapped for your sake.
To shy away from it's striking beauty is a sin.  

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