Thursday, December 26, 2013

Winter Incantation

                                                                     Winter Incantation
                                                                            By: Maya

In all aspects of my body, I stretch just for the satisfying feeling.
Just to know that I can.
All around me, silence grows until it becomes so massive
my steady heartbeat is forced to interrupt.
All of my thoughts are available for me to hold...this is powerful. Good.
Stillness is good. Only when I am still, I can truly engage,
commanding cells to their purpose.
As they trickle does my mind.
Scenes rapidly flash as visions. I sit back, soaked up with possibility.
 The day ahead is a noble steed and I, it's master.
When I close my eyes I see nothing and everything.
Nothing and everything.
Nothing and everything.
The winter wind calls out to me. As it tickles, I laugh.
Full of rejoice, I decide to kick off the bundle of blankets that restricted me during the night.
I want to feel. Everything and nothing.
I shut my eyes tight and take a deep inhale...I can predict what happens next.
My dog is near, my senses whisper.
My eyes open in confirmation.
We greet each other with our silence. His unintentional unlike mine.
 My feet set down and with each gesture I take in the softness of the carpet fibers.
My day has begun.
I explode with love while I treat my fury best friend to a large breakfast.
He devours it, normally I would not have noticed, but today I watch.
Observing how thankful he is.
How thankful this makes me.

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