Wednesday, December 18, 2013

They Live...

I recently watched a fantastic 80's flick called They Live.  The plot of the movie is about a man who discovers a pair of sunglasses that allow him to view how human beings are slaves. Subliminal messages were everywhere, telling people to consume, be self-involved and unoriginal. When the movie was over, my perception of the world and my choices altered in the sense that I was awake.The movie spoke to me. I try not to be bound by Earthly ideals, but like most, I find myself indulging every now and again. They Live helped recenter my focus from everyday distractions. I hope to try my best to float above the chaos while encouraging others to do the same. Because honestly, becoming a slave is scary.

                                      By Maya
Conform, sleep, obey.
The spiritual quest is for the ditsy man who pleasures watching sunlight dance in between the blades of grass. Internalizing the glory is without thought.
Make the discovery of your senses and competing with others synonyms.
Soothe your peace to fester up the unknown like a screaming tea kettle; run out of time
because you have it all. Win the quest you love so dear.
Do not look down the ladder, instead, carry on for the glory.
You are a creature of the night. Never please your hunger for flesh. Push past
your instincts and just do the deeds that will most benefit the contents of your mirror.
See no color, only the presence and absence of light so you can win the "good fight".
Feel your stomach begin to boil when the unknown is near. Observe the miniature and set
out its' future as threatening.
Do not rise, but shrink to your heart's drum. How you see the wind is irrelevant to the deeds
you will accomplish. Never to rest and internalize the still, push yourself to ignore your calluses and blisters.
Once your eyes close grow passion for the controlled dream.
See no light, only red is here to stay.
Conform. Sleep. Obey.

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